MuninBiological Systems Modeling and Controls

Biological systems modeling has been around for quite a few years. Initially the domain of the mathmatician and the biologist, biological modeling is in a rennasance. This growth is due to a range of factors including easier to use modeling tools, faster computers, and lower costs. In my opinion, though, one of the biggest sources for growth is the expansion in biological, biomedical, and biotechnological engineering. These fields brought together a population of mathematically adept individuals, a need for predictive solutions to design problems, and (to be perfectly honest) money to pay for model development.

The materials that can be found below are the lectures and notes from a class in biological systems modeling taught at Utah State University and at the University of Maryland, College Park. They are the foundation for what I hope will become a text in biological systems modeling and basic controls theory. As such, they are materials in flux. I will be adding new materials and editing existing materials on a reguluar basis. Furthermore, there are some gaps in the materials. Some of these gaps stem from the use of articles and book chapters that I have the students read. Other gaps are topics that I simply haven't gotten around to filling.

The materials are intended for use at the college level for students in their junior or senior year of engineering, since they assume a knowledge of calculus and of differential equations. In addition, a basic understanding of biology is essential.

Modeling as Design

Multiple State Models - Population Dynamics and Models for Disease


Example Models

Transfer Functions

Block Diagrams and Higher Order Systems

Regulation and Control Systems

Example Models

Stability and Root Locus Plots

Appendices and Supporting Materials

MATLAB & Simulink

Laplace Transforms and Differential Equations Refresher

Some Useful Books and Readings