MuninThe Water Slide Project


This project is designed to allow students to experiment with projectile motion without having to launch a projectile.  This is very beneficial for areas with low ceilings.  The variable in this experiment is the initial velocity rather than the initial firing angle.  Fischertechniks sensors and the RoboLab software will be used to measure the initial velocity of the projectile.


This project can be completed by students in grades 9-12, but will probably be easer for students in at least grade 11.  It will be completed as part of the Dynamics/Kinematics component of a Pre-Engineering course.  Students should have a basic understanding of trigonometric and algebraic functions.  Students also need to have previously learned how to use the Fischertechniks and RoboLab software.  This project can either replace or supplement a Ballistics project, depending on the needs and time frame of the course.


The Acmeville Water Slides project gives students an idea of how the engineering principles they are learning can be applied to real life, in this case the design of a thrill ride at an amusement park.  Most students have probably visited an amusement park.  They will be able to relate the issues of safety and adventure relating to thrill rides.


This project consists of a PVC pipe ramp that is supported on a truss framework of Fischertechnik parts.  A release mechanism, a measuring system, and an angle adjusting mechanism are also constructed from Fischertechnik parts.  A marble rolls down the ramp and into a PVC pipe chute.  Sensors will record the velocity as it rolls through this chute.  The velocity will change depending on the angle of the ramp.  The students will need to calibrate the angle mechanism and the sensors to get accurate measurements.


At the end of the project, the students must be able to hit a target located a specific horizontal and vertical distance away from the chute.  They will use principles of physics and mathematical formulas to determine the necessary velocity to hit the target.  This project will provide an interesting and engaging activity for the students to learn about trajectory motion and ballistics


Project Description

Project Description

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