Biological Engineering Research Interests

Paul D. Schreuders, Ph.D.










E. coliDr. Schreudersí primary interest is in quantitative microscopy and its application to cellular engineering. This interest area is applied to the cryopreservation of living cells and, more recently, to acquiring an understanding of the development and function of biofilms. He applies materials science, transport processes, and biological control systems to the description and modeling of these systems. His research has resulted in fifteen peer-reviewed publications, including one in Science.

KAE at the microscopeDr. Schreudersí research into biofilms is directed towards developing a basic understanding of the processes that govern the growth and death of the bacterial communities in biofilms. Specifically, he is studying the relationships between foods and food processing materials and E. coli. He is quantifying the relationship between the biofilm, the morphology of the substrate on which they grow, and the effects of various sanitizers and cleaning methods.


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