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It's a Surprise Birthday Party 
for Jerry Rorstrom-Lee 

(sometimes known as Brenna of Storvik)  

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The Birthday Dirge


She's over the hill and gaining speed...

It's a Surprise Birthday Party. Jerry Rorstrom-Lee (Our Dowager Baroness) is Gonna Be 50!

Come and help Bob and Kim (Guass and Nina) celebrate and morn the passing of Brennaís first 50 years.† At her request, we'll be giving her the full treatment with black balloons and the birthday song, but just to pull her chain, itís also a surprise party too.

So mark your calendars:

Saturday, April 3, 2004 at 7:00 pm

Kim Schreuders (Nina of the Lost Caverns)
12807 Tamarack Road
Silver Spring MD 20904
(301) 879-8497

Food and Drink: There will be lots of food and soft drinks. While we'll bring up some old mead from the cellar, all other alcoholic beverages are up to you.

Timing: We are asking that folks who want to help surprise Jerry arrive between 7:00 and 7:30. Then we will try and have Bob bring in Jerry between 7:30 and 8:00 for her unveiling, but you know how much of a challenge it is to get Jerry to go anywhere on schedule. So if you cannot arrive before 7:30, we are asking that you delay your arrival until after 8:00.

Parking: The only parking at my house is along the curb, but to try and hide the fact the we are having a party during Jerry's arrival, we're going to try and keep the spaces directly in front of my house open until after Jerry arrives, so please don't be surprised by the fact that they may be blocked off.

RSVP: If you are thinking of joining us, try and let me know at If your schedule opens up at the last minute, please join us anyway.

Who to Tell: Don't forget, you can tell everyone else about the party, but shhhh... don't tell Jerry/Brenna. 'Cause it's a SUPRISE PARTY!!!

Directions: For most of the DC Metro Area--From the beltway, take exit 28A, MD-650/New Hampshire Ave. north. Go 5 miles. Turn right onto East Randolph Road. Go 1 mile. Turn right onto Tamarack Road. Go to 12807.
For I-95 corridor North of DC--From I-95 north of the beltway, take exit 33B, MD-198 W towards Burtonsville. Go 3 miles. Turn left onto US-29 S/Columbia Pike. Go 4 miles. Turn right onto East Randolph Road. Go 1 mile. Turn left onto Tamarack Road. Go to 12807.